the-cloud-of-unknowing-deactiva said: Check out my blog?

Sure :D

Anonymous said: I'm Sorry to hear that you lost your virginity when you were still 1 . :( .

I’m okay with it.
Only thing that bothers me is that people judge me because of it.  

Anonymous said: How old were you when you lost your virginity?

I was 11. 
Don’t judge, you don’t know the story. 

Anonymous said: Hi there :) I was 6 years old when I first experience sleeping with a girl. Well we were only grinding & rubbing each other's pussy. Now that I'm 15, I've been feening for another experience with a girl but I'm to shy to get out of my comfort zone. I masturbate & all but yeah. What should I do??

There are so many girls out there that like girls, if you can find one, get to know them and then when your comfortable around them, that will more then likely boost your confidence. 

Anonymous said: so i just had sex with my bf like he literally just left 10 mins ago lol and now my tummy is hurting. it wasn't too rough but what could the problem be?

Niiiice ;)
I have this problem all the time, sometimes it just goes in a little to far, pain killers wot help, but it should deffinatly go away in about 10 minutes :)
Sometimes that just happens. It dosn’t have to be really rough.

Anonymous said: From your experience, do you like girl sex or guy sex better?

Love my girls.
But i like boys better. Sex with them is just, better to me. 

Anonymous said: Did you ever slept with a girl before? If so, what did you guys do?

I’ve slept with 4 girls.
eating out (whilst fingering),
sucking, licking, nibbling nipples..
General things, never used toys though. 

jeskaxmarie said: Sooo horny now, but my boyfriend wont have sex with me -_- any suggestions ?

First of all, ask him what da fuq is wrong with him? 
On the other hand, masturbation works quite well for those sexually frustrated.

I fully agree with M.
Maybe tease him? He wont be able to resit you. ;)

jeskaxmarie said: Your blog is genius

Oh thank you ;3