Anonymous said: when people say did u pop ur cherry! what does it mean and how does it look like

'Popping your cherry' simply refers to loosing your virginity.
It looks like a bit like porn ;P 

Anonymous said: When I watch lesbian porn and the girls are screaming i rub my vagina and get a kind of trembling feeling starting from my feet and vagina and then through my whole body, it only lasts seconds, is that an orgasm? I'm a virgin btw.


Most of the time on porn, girls really over react you don’t have to be screaming to have an orgasm, sometime you do though ;)

I’d say that’s a fairly good way of describing one though, so i’d say yes that is an orgasm. 

Anonymous said: why don't you get on anymore?

K has just began her studies at University. I, M work full-time and also am looking into studies. Balancing this with our relationships, family commitments and social lives means that some trivial things get pushed aside for a while. Such as this Tumblelog.

We will hopefully be posting more soon, just be patient. Our lives don’t revolve around this xx 

sex-based said: hey love your blog, could you let people know about this blog please? (;


This blog, check it out.

Anonymous said: Soooooo me and my boyfriend have tons of sex and its completely amazing and we have sex to the point that i was cry cause i hurt so bad, im a girl btw ahah, and i would rather him finish then me give him a blow job. cause i absolutely hate giving them cause i fell like im not good at them and no idea what to do. and idk i feel like i frustrate him cause when i get to the point i hurt so bad alls i want him to do is finish cause its not pleasurable for me any more. what should i do?


First off if it’s getting to the point of pain that you feel like crying and it’s not pleasurable for you at all, then stop we humans feel pain to show that something is wrong, so don’t continue for his sake when all you want to do is scream in pain.

Second of all, even if they’re shit, blow jobs are good. Know what I mean? It’s oral sex, as long as you don’t use your teeth you’re all good!

Finally, talk to him. Explain to him that it gets to the point of agony for you, if he doesn’t understand or try to brush it off with a “You’ll be fine.”, tell him to shove it. 
If he is an understanding dude, (which he should be otherwise why would you be dating a jerk who doesn’t care if you’re in pain, as long as he gets off?) then tell him that you’re not confident when it comes to performing oral sex.
ALSO- Ask him to tell you what feels good for him when it comes to blow jobs! This way you’ll know that you’re doing it right for him, and you’ll gain more confidence in doing to.

I know K wan’t confident at all when she first started, now she’s all “I give the best blow jobs ever! blahblahblah.


Thank you M, that was an absolutely necessary comment. 
I only say that because i’m told i’m good (fucking fantastic) thank YOU.
However, she is pretty much right when she says shit head is still good. 

Also, there should be a reason your in pain.
Could be if its to rough? Lack of lubrication? Possibly even effects on a infection?
Find the cause of the pain seems the best way to go.